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The joy and excitement of obtaining a driver’s license can quickly turn into agony when a teenager is involved in an accident. Teen drivers are often unaware of the risks and responsibilities that accompany the privilege of driving.   Teen drivers are more likely to...

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Experience in Dental Malpractice Cases

Dental malpractice cases in Houston Texas are one of the most frequent inquiries we get here at our office. A lot of people unfortunately have suffered from dental malpractice situations. Our approach to dental malpractice cases and even medical malpractice cases are...

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About the Law Office of Shane R. Kadlec

Well, we're a civil litigation firm, we 95% or more represent plaintiffs. We help our clients get money for whatever bad thing that happened. Primarily that is in the personal injury. World. We handled cases involving car wrecks, injuries on the job or on different...

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The Importance of Board Certification

After a serious injury, it's important to hire a Board-Certified attorney. They have the experience to properly investigate the claim. They have the resources to help the clients through the recovery process. and ultimately, if a lawsuit is required, a Board-Certified...

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Nobody is ever surprised to see Houston on the list of the most dangerous cities to drive. Houston with its high-speed limits, tangled web of highways, and drivers in giant intimidating trucks fails to provide safe roadways for its residents. With Texans out driving...

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