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Shane R. Kadlec is a reputed personal injury law firm in Houston, and our top attorney Shane specializes in motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, civil litigations, and work injuries. Our personal injury lawyer in Houston, Texas, possesses over 24 years of legal experience.

How do personal injury cases work in TX?

As per the laws in Texas, you have two years to file a claim for your injury case. You should seek the help of a leading personal injury attorney to help you seek a pre-lawsuit settlement in this period. However, if you are not satisfied with the settlement offer from the defendant’s insurance company, you can take your claim to a trial. The stages involved in a personal injury claim in Texas include:

  • Filing a complaint in court – When you file a claim for your injuries, you become the plaintiff, and the party that caused your injuries will be the defendant in your case. Once you have filed a complaint, you must serve the claim to the other parties involved in your claim with a summon to appear for a court date.
  • File pre-trial motions – With these motions, you will seek the court’s orders to discover evidence, get important documents, statements from witnesses, etc. You may also file a motion for summary judgment to seek a resolution without going before a jury.
  • Pre-trial hearings – At this stage, your defendant’s insurer may make settlement offers to avoid taking the case in front of a jury. An attorney can help you review the offers and advise you if whether to accept it or negotiate further.

If you’re not satisfied with the settlement, take your case to the jury, and seek a judgment. If any of the parties involved in the claim is unhappy with the jury’s verdict, they can file motions or appeals in a higher court.

Tips for choosing the best Houston personal injury lawyer

Dealing with a personal injury and financial damages all the same time can already be challenging, let alone fighting a lawsuit. Hiring an experienced injury lawyer that specializes in your type of case can increase your chances of winning a reasonable settlement.

Be sure to hire a lawyer with the highest level of legal training, experience, and a successful track record. Also, sit down for a consultation with at least 3-4 lawyers and learn about the total amount of compensation that they have helped their clients recover in settlements. Most importantly, choose an attorney that has exceptional negotiation skills and knows a way around the knicks and knacks of insurance companies.

Ways in which a Houston personal injury attorney can help you

An experienced personal injury lawyer can offer exceptional legal representation and use his/her legal knowledge to help you win the maximum settlement or award amount. Furthermore, a personal injury attorney will assist you in receiving funds, settle liens against your settlement if any, disburse funds to the appropriate parties, guide you through tax implications, and offer assistance with post-trial proceedings.

Call us now for a free consultation with one of the best Houston, TX, personal injury attorneys, Shane R. Kadlec. Our personal injury lawyer in Houston, Texas, is an expert in negotiations and helps his clients get the best compensation for these injuries and financial losses.