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Do you consider filing a personal injury lawsuit after an accident or injury? Shane R. Kadlec is a leading injury lawyer in Houston with a successful track record and is a skilled negotiator. Our car accident attorney in Houston, TX, answers the most pressing questions of victims with personal injury claims on a free consultation.

Preserving evidence for a personal injury claim

Take photographs of the scene of the accident from different angles and preserve it till you receive an award or compensation. Make sure to document your experience and all other minor details of an accident, while it is still fresh in your memory.

Maintain a record of your medical documents, bills, and prescriptions as these are valuable evidence in support of your case. Lastly, be sure to gather and maintain the contact information of your witnesses as your Houston injury lawyer may need to interview them.

The most common outcome in personal injury claims

A major share of personal injury cases settle outside the court, and the plaintiffs receive compensation in the form of a settlement from the defendant’s insurance company. A very small share of personal injury claims makes it to the trial. This is because trials are expensive, risky, and time-consuming.

More than 50% of our clients have received payouts ranging from just $5,000 to $25,000. And more than 25% of Shane’s clients have received over $25,000 as compensation. Hiring a Houston work injury lawyer can increase your chances of getting compensation, and statistics prove that nine out of ten claims with a legal representation receive a larger settlement or award.

What kind of injuries make a personal injury claim?

Any type of accident or incident that causes an injury to one or more of the parties involved in it qualifies for a personal injury case. Most common injuries that make a personal injury claim include:

  • Car accident cases – If you suffered injuries in a car accident caused by an at-fault driver, you could pursue a personal injury claim. Some of the common injuries that plaintiffs suffer as a result of car accidents include whiplash, scrapes, cuts, broken ribs, head injuries, broken bones, internal bleeding, and knee trauma. Be sure to have a record of all necessary medical documentation and bills as evidence for your claim.
  • Medical malpractice – If you suffer injuries or medical conditions as a result of a doctor’s negligence or below-standard medical care, you can sue the doctor for your injuries.
  • Dog bites, assault, battery, and other intentional torts – If you face injuries from dog bites, you can sue the dog’s owner. Also, if a third party harms you intentionally and causes you injuries, you can sue them in the criminal court as well as file a personal injury lawsuit in civil court.

Shane is one of the best Houston, TX, personal injury attorneys with over 20 years of experience in helping victims of car crashes and other serious accidents. Your search for the best ‘Houston personal injury lawyer near me’ ends here. Call us at 281-643-2000 for a free consultation with our top injury lawyer in Houston, Shane R. Kadlec.