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Shane R. Kadlec is a highly sought-after injury lawyer in Houston, TX, with exceptional negotiation skills. Our Houston work injury lawyer has helped individuals recover millions of dollars in compensation. Here is a step-by-step guide on what to do after a personal injury:

Seek medical help

If you are injured, call 911 or ask someone near you to make the call. If you don’t experience severe pain, you should still seek medical help as soft tissue injuries or brain injuries are not immediately apparent. In some jurisdictions, you must seek medical help within a specified period, or you lose your ability to file a claim. Be sure to document all your medical bills, as those are crucial evidence in support of your case.

Take notes after an injury

Be sure to write down every tiny detail of your accident and the effects of your injuries on daily life. These notes play a pivotal role when you file a personal injury lawsuit. You must note down these details immediately after the injury, while it is still fresh in your memory. Also, be sure to note details such as what you saw, heard, or felt at the time of the injury. You also need to make notes of physical pain, discomfort, symptoms, and mental trauma that the injury caused you. Be sure to make notes of other losses as well, that occurred as a result of the injury such as work hours, job opportunities, family or social gatherings, vacation, employee benefits, etc.

Exchange contact information

Exchange details such as name, phone number, email, insurance information, address, and other vital details with the person who caused your injury. Do not disclose any personal information with this person and refrain from saying statements such as ‘I am sorry, or it is my fault,’ as such remarks can be held against you when you file a claim.

Preserve evidence and medical records

Besides documenting your experience and medical records, you also need to preserve all physical evidence in support of your case. Be sure to take photographs of the accident scene from different angles. You also need to take photographs of your vehicle, your injuries, and other objects that suffered damages because of your accident. If you cannot preserve physical evidence until a court date to present in front of a jury, you must preserve photographs of the evidence as proof.

Contact an attorney and file a claim

If you’re filing a claim against someone who caused your injuries, you need to hire a skilled car accident attorney in Houston, TX, to offer legal advice and to help you with the process. Be sure to hire one of the best Houston, TX, person injury attorneys with a successful track to increase your chances of winning a large settlement amount.

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