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If you’re looking for the prime Houston, TX, accident attorney who puts his clients first to ensure they meet and exceed their expectations, then Shane R. Kadlec is the right choice for you. We’re passionate about assisting accident victims in getting maximum compensation they deserve following an accident of their no-fault.

Client first values in our accident law firm

The client’s first values mean that we, as legal professionals go above and beyond duty by putting the needs and requirements of our client ahead of anything else.

Here’re several things we consider to ensure we meet our goal of putting our clients first:

  • Our unsurpassed motor vehicle accidents attorneys in Houston put themselves in our client’s shoes and determine how they’d feel in your situation
  • We pay attention to details and get to the core of our client’s needs.
  • Know the rules of our legal firm and recognize that client loyalty is at stake. We’re always willing to bend those rules to satisfy our clients.

Core values for our car accident legal firm

Our core values serve to continuously guide our accident attorneys in Houston TX and firm in achieving our mutual goals in a way that’s based on an ethical and ideological framework.

With the following core values governing our legal firm, you can be sure of getting a preeminent car accident lawyer in Houston to represent your case adequately:


Respecting our clients means respecting your personal human rights and privacy. Our perfect car accident attorney in Houston, TX, will work with you closely, eliminating any kind of discrimination, whether based on physical disability, religion, race, nationality, or gender.


Our interests are genuinely those of our client; that’s why our premier Houston car accident attorney will collaborate with you and a team of investigators to build a strong case. Here’re the benefits of collaboration:

  • Sharing of perspectives
  • Greater honesty and efficiency
  • Reduce misunderstandings
  • Enhanced creativity, etc.


We strive to achieve the highest quality services and professionalism from the first day you contact us for help. We believe our client’s victory is ours too, so we work hard to obtain the best possible results.

Integrity and ethics

Our entire business is on the foundation of integrity and ethics to build a stable, trustworthy relationship with our clients. This involves:

  • Transparency
  • Reliability
  • Fairness
  • Truth


We follow the principle of change (not imitation) by using unique ideas when dealing with our clients. Our accident attorneys are dynamic and come up with exceptional concepts that translate into successful legal services.

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Are you looking for the unbeaten Houston car accident lawyer near me? If yes, then we’re the unsurpassed automobile accident law firm nearby and waiting to assist you in getting your maximum compensation.

Choose Shane R. Kadlec today to experience how it feels to work with supreme Houston TX accident attorney in obtaining your best interests following an accident that wasn’t your fault. Please feel free to call us at 281-643-2000 for a free consultation or contact us online.