We are twins from Australia with an undeniable love for health, fitness & travel.

Our Story

Our health journey began when we finished high school and we became conscious of the food/drinks we were consuming and the impact it had on our well-being. After seeing a close family member suffer through cancer. It caused detriment to our health mentally. We had learnt through natural remedies to heal our feelings of anxiety and stress by nourishing our bodies with wholesome food, exercise to free our mind and travel for new experiences. Happiness and good health are important parts of leading a fulfilling life.

Living a healthy lifestyle has helped us in many ways! We believe that physical and mental health is vital for overall well-being and that is why we created our brand Unicorn Superfoods to encourage a holistic way of life without sacrificing our love for tasty food. We want to inspire people to make healthier lifestyle choices by adding nutritious superfoods and creativity to everyday recipes.

How Superfoods have helped us

Helped us be energised, positive and motivated

Improved our focus and strengthened immunity

Has helped nourish our hair, skin and nails

Given us happy gut flora and reduced bloating

Join us on our journey

Aside from the awesome benefits associated with our superfoods, we enjoy being creative with our products and you should too. Unicorn Superfoods are perfect for every day use as they are vegan friendly, gluten free and 100% natural with no nasties. Not to mention the yummy taste it adds to your food!

Join us on our Unicorn Craze today and use your imagination to explore with our vibrant coloured superfood range.

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